Masui (2019) (en)

Masui 2019
  • Original title: 魔睡
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 2019-05-17 (2019)
  • Genres: Drama

Masui Download - A feature short story based on the criminal behavior of Wenhausen Ogai using hypnotism as the original sensational movie. Boldly adapted the touching story of women being abused by doctors after hypnosis. Okawa’s wife, Yuriko, teaches at the university. Recently, her mother is unwell. She often accompanies her to the clinic of her husband’s college student, Dr. However, every time he went to the clinic, Yuriko became more and more confused from the beginning of the day, and soon fell into a nightmare of lewdness. In the dream, Yuriko and Isogai had a physical relationship. Although she loved her husband, she had such a dream, and she felt unspeakable anxiety and guilt. On the other hand, Yuriko's husband heard rumors about Isogai, who he considered to be an excellent junior.
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